Mission Statement

Taking Pride in Helping Others


The Main objective of the Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (EFRU) is to maintain a unit of organised, well equipped and fully trained rescue volunteers to help out the constituted authorities in case of national calamities such as major disasters, man-made or natural, and other incidents where the duration of the recovery operations may necessitate more resources than typically required. The EFRU is also committed to the continuous development of its volunteers and the community in general while always being prepared to act in support of disaster relief and mitigation. The EFRU trains its rescue volunteers for possible deployment abroad. This is possible through EFRU’s commitment to EVOLSAR, the European Association of Volunteer Rescue Teams, of which, EFRU is a founder member.

The EFRU is entirely composed of highly dedicated unpaid volunteers, from all walks of life. It follows a rigorous training program, whereby training sessions are held on a weekly basis.  Training includes, but is not limited to, Fire Fighting, Urban Search & Rescue, Low & High Angle Rope Rescue and First Aid, including prehospital Trauma Life Support (ITLS). The Unit also strives to equip itself fully and to certify its sub-teams for K9 Search & Rescue, Rescue Diving, Swift Water Rescue and Sea Water Rescue.

The Unit endeavours to take a holistic approach to fulfil the development of its volunteer members. Development paths include psychological preparedness, effective leadership skills, train-the-trainer support and soft skill development. This supports the organisation in terms of preparedness for rescue scenarios and for the Unit’s business continuity through the development of reliable and certified instructors as well as strategic, committed and successful leaders.

Finally, the EFRU drives its Community Assistance Programme (EFRU CAP) under which EFRU volunteers facilitate sessions / training programmes in fire awareness, first aid and rescue awareness for entities in the community, ranging from young children, youths, adults, and the elderly. Under this programme the EFRU is avidly active in dissemination of information regarding fire prevention and awareness of the emergency number 112.