Synergising European Volunteer Rescue Teams: A Rescue Manual

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EFRU As The Project Leader – July 2015


Transnational Meeting 1 November 2015


5 Day Training ActivityFebruary 2016


Transnational Meeting 2 – April 2016

The participant teams for the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships funded project – Synergising European Volunteer Rescue Teams – have met between the 22nd and the 24th of April 2016.  The lead organisation, the EFRU, presented a detailed outline of the Basic Rescue chapter, while an outline brief was given for the Rope Rescue chapter, by the same organisation.  The partner organisations CCPVC, Edelweiss and ETSM presented s brief on Chapter 2, Collapsed Structure Rescue while Serve On introduced the project team to their chapter relating to Water & Flood Rescue and EPS presented its chapter outline on Wildfire Response.  The content proposed by the author organisations was discussed in technical detail among all participant teams.  Following these discussions, the author organisations committed to proceed with the compilation of each chapter on the basis of the discussed outlines before the next transnational meeting to be held in Malta, in July 2016.  The lead organisation, the EFRU, deemed this transnational meeting another successful one which has taken the teams one step closer to the completion of the project.


Transnational Meeting 3 – July 2016

The EFRU hosted the partner teams for the Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships funded project – Synergising European Volunteer Rescue Teams – in Malta for the third transnational meeting.   This project aims to compile a rescue manual intended for the new rescue volunteer while s/he is being trained by the relevant voluntary rescue organisation.  The manual will be a tool with which each organisation will strive to reach equivalent standards with their new volunteers, thus enhancing interoperability among the involved rescue teams when these train and operate together.

In this transnational meeting, each organisation was represented in Malta by the Project Manager and a field expert.   The team organisation representatives presented the compiled chapter in line with discussions already held in the previous transnational meeting.  Long, technical but fruitful discussions were undertaken among the six (6) organisations to evaluate the relevance of included content and whether additional content should be introduced to give to the new volunteer, under training within one of the organisations, what is necessary.

Following these technical discussions, other matters relating to the coordination of the project were tackled in order to target the needs for the reviews, edits and design of the various chapters.  The organisations agreed to completing all chapter content before the subsequent meeting, where apart from few technical discussions, the illustrative and design aspect of the project was meant to be addressed.


Transnational Meeting 4 – September 2016


Transnational Meeting 5 – January 2017

Three volunteers of the Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (EFRU Malta) team have visited Athens, Greece during the weekend of the 27th – 29th January 2017 for a meeting with the EFRU’s Erasmus+ Partners, for the fifth and last Transnational Meeting for the Project: Synergising European Volunteer Teams.


The partners that are being represented in this meeting are:
Edelweiss (Italy)
Escola Portuguesa de Salvamento
Elite Team Special Missions of Greece (hosts for this activity)
Cyprus Civil Protection Volunteer Corps

Note: Serve On (UK) is another partner in this project which has continuously supported the project. While it was not represented in this specific meeting, for reasons beyond control, it remained available with ease of contact, even if from far away in the UK. It is to be noted that Serve On’s commitment to this project has been incessant since the beginning of the project.

The EFRU would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participant teams, for their dedication towards the success of this project. The EFRU also appreciates the presence of the observer team Rescue GR, for its time and dedication during this fifth transnational meeting.

This two day Transnational Meeting was a highly intense one for all the volunteers coming from the different teams, dedicating their time for the benefit of their own organisations and the furtherance of networking among this group of volunteer rescue teams. The objective of this meeting was to conclude the content for each of the pending chapters for the rescue manual that has been compiled over the last 12 months. This rescue manual is the intellectual output of this Erasmus+ funded project, parts of which are currently in review and design stages. The manual shall be printed in time for dissemination during an upcoming Multiplier event to be held in Malta, on Saturday 13th May 2017. Anyone interested in attending to this conference is kindly asked to send an email to [email protected] for further information.

It is to be noted that all of the project’s participant teams are also members of the European Association of Civil Protection Volunteer Teams (EVOLSAR) – an Association that has brought together several teams from all around Europe and beyond.