Our Objectives

The Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (EFRU) aims to be a leader in its field and our track record, to date, reflects this ambition. In order to achieve this aim of ours and compete for the top, we have set annual targets to improve our performance. The targets for the year ending 2012/13 are set out below.

  • The acquisition of two High Roofed Vans:

The main goal for the year ending December 2013 is to acquire two ‘High Roofed Utility Vans’ ideally configured to carry eight persons along with their equipment in each. These will be used extensively and will be the main personnel carrier of the Unit. The eight-seaters will also be crucial when travelling abroad during annual training sessions with our Italian counterparts and in any emergency deployment where EFRU may be asked to assist, both locally and abroad.

  • Maintaining our Fire Appliance:

Following the acquisition of a ‘Dodge Renault’ Fire Engine, EFRU needs to renovate it and bring it up to standard. The renovation includes:

  • Removing of rust
  • Mechanical repairs and refurbishing
  • Over all spray
  • Cockpit overhaul
  • New upholstery for the seats
  • Servicing of the engine
  • Servicing of the fire pumps
  • Emergency vehicle branding

Like most of the volunteer organizations, EFRU relies on various kinds of sponsorship to assist in reaching our goals. In particular, the business sector plays a key role in supporting our unit. The management has set a number sponsorship schemes to cover the above expenses and hope to be able to find a number of corporate partners to support EFRU in it’s objectives for the year 2012 and beyond.