The Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit is a philanthropic organization not funded in any way by the government or from any other source other than that of its own volunteers and the money they invest for the costly equipment. Obtaining support through successful grants and submitted proposals is always an option but from history we have learned that the unit’s only guaranteed income comesthrough donations for duties EFRU performs in the form of first aid, fire and rescue back up. This is possible thanks to the dedicated volunteers who give up so much of their time to train, keep adjourned and raise funds for the unit they are so proud to be part of.

As important as the good people listed above, are our individual donors, companies and businesses, who are willing to give their support and supply the fuel necessary to keep us moving forward. Such donations are vital for the unit’s financial sustainability and help tremendously against the never ending list of maintenance fees and replacement equipment which is so important for EFRU to serve it’s community as best as it can.

We hope that you will consider becoming one of our contributors, forming part of our backbone, assisting us in ‘helping others’.

Donations can be effected directly into our ‘Fundraising Bank Account’ – Details below.

Bank: Bank Of Valletta
Account Name: Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit – Fundraising
A/C No: 40023659951
IBAN No: MT49VALL22013000000040023659951
Currency: Euro

Thank You