Puttinu Cares – Football and Volleyball Marathon 2019

September 14, 2019 in First Aid Events

The EFRU is again supporting Puttinu cares during the 60 hour football and volleyball marathon currently being held at the Marsa Sports Grounds. Huge thank you to all the volunteers who are battling the heat and donating their time towards such a noble cause and OK Medical and Firetech Ltd for their constant support towards Puttinu and the EFRU. Please Donate to help!

Landrover Convoy for Puttinu Cares

December 11, 2018 in First Aid Events, Uncategorized

For the second year in a row, the EFRU deployed three units to support the ‘ Landrover Convoy for Puttinu Cares‘ as part of the unit’s Community Assistance Program (CAP).  Well done to the ‘Malta Land Rover Owners Club’ for the initiative, to all the participants and volunteers who made themselves available to support this noble cause.


Serving with a Smile :)

November 26, 2017 in First Aid Events

It is an inherent aspect of EFRU’s Community Assistance Programme (CAP) to encourage positivity, good energy and volunteering for a good cause… but when it is plainly stated in the name of the event itself, we cannot but put that little extra ingredient into our duties. Such was the case at the St Monica School Open Day event dubbed ‘Smiling with Jerome’. We all know Jerome as the inspirational young man who battled cancer for three whole years and instilled hope and courage with fellow young cancer patients. Although he left this world earlier this year, his legacy continues through his family and friends who refuse to let his departure hinder the good work he had started within the community. Jerome’s friends and family gathered today to collect funds and goods in aid of those less-fortunate families in Albania through a fun-filled day in the school grounds. Smiles are contagious! We are smiling with Jerome; hopefully we can help bring a smile on many little faces beyond our shores.

President’s Fun Run 2014

November 24, 2014 in First Aid Events

Members of the Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit assisted in the first aid section of the “President’s Fun Run 2014” where a record of more than 16,000 people took part in this event. All the funds collected will be added to the Community Chest Fund which will be used to aid organisations and families in need.

Once in Valletta, the members of the EFRU where joined by the St. John Ambulance members.

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Puttinu Cares Football and Volleyball Marathon 2014

July 3, 2014 in First Aid Events

This year, the Puttinu Cares Football and Volleyball Marathon celebrated its 10th anniversary, and the Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit were proud to provide First Aid and Fire cover throughout the event.  The marathon was held between the 6th and 8th June, for a total of 60 hours.

Members of the E.F.R.U. were kept busy administering first aid for a variety of injuries, ranging from minor abrasions to those that eventually required professional medical attention, as well as several cases of fainting or mild heat exhaustion.

The E.F.R.U. are proud to assist Puttinu Cares, and would like to suggest the following tips to ensure that everyone attending future sporting events would enjoy the experience to the fullest.

  • Preparation – warm-up and stretch beforehand.  Certain sports injuries and muscle strain can be avoided or minimised if you are properly warmed-up.
  • Hydrate – even if you’re not playing any sports, drink lots of water and isotonic drinks.  Avoid alcohol, tea and coffee as much as possible.
  • Nutrition – make sure you eat regular, light meals and allow enough time to digest the food before participating in any sports activities.  Even if you are not participating in any activities, ensure you eat properly.
  • Safety – shelter behind fences and avoid watching the games from behind the goalposts.  Stray footballs can hurt quite a bit!
  • Sun Protection – use an adequate sunblock and wear sun protective clothing, such as hats and light long sleeve tops.

With all the outdoor events that are held during the summer, the only way to enjoy them is “safely”. So apply sun protection, stay hydrated and enjoy the summer!

Brush up on your skills in our First Aid section, (Click HERE) which covers the basic first aid for several common summer injuries.

Sylvana Cremona
EFRU Volunteer

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Puttinu Cares Football Marathon – May 2013

May 13, 2013 in First Aid Events

Another successful Puttinu Cares football marathon has drawn to a close, and with it so has the Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit’s first aid and fire cover duty. Over 60 hours (between 3rd and 5th May), EFRU saw to the safety of the event round the clock, having a team of first aiders available for any eventualities. This was a challenge for the volunteers themselves, staying awake for long hours and enduring the heat of the sun during the day. However the effort paid off, as witnessed by the numerous cases that the team took care of.

The environment of the football marathon, in itself, presents several hazards which may lead to injuries – in fact, the EFRU first aid team was faced with the mild injuries like sprains, ankle twists, abrasions and superficial cuts, going to the more serious ones like dislocated elbows, broken finger, neck injuries, concussions and even a suspected spinal injury and suspected heart attack. The EFRU first aid team was backed up by the presence of a doctor, also being an active member of EFRU, and who was able to provide better guidance for the more serious cases. That being said, however, these cases were still referred to Mater Dei hospital, and the EFRU ambulance in fact made several trips to hospital. For this event the EFRU availed themselves of a second ambulance kindly loaned to the unit by Kevin Gauci.

Despite the fact that there were a significant number of first aid cases, there is no cause for alarm, especially considering the huge amount of people that participated in, or visited, the football marathon at some point. However the general public is encouraged to always be more careful to avoid mishaps. A case in point is for spectators to avoid stopping near the goalposts, especially if they have young children, possibly in pushchairs.

The EFRU management wishes to thank all volunteers who attended and helped during the event.

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Challenge with a Smile – April 2013

April 22, 2013 in First Aid Events

The Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit (EFRU) has become synonymous with a number of fund-raising activities held on our islands throughout the years. In line with the Community Assistance Program (CAP), the EFRU is always on the front line to give its services during such charity events. On Sunday 21st April 2013, members of the EFRU provided First Aid assistance and support in the triathlon ‘Challenge with a Smile’, an annual event held to raise funds for Puttinu Cares Cancer Support Group. The event consisted of a series of challenges, including swimming, cycling and running.

Three EFRU units, equipped with enhanced first aid kits, spinal boards and water rescue throw-lines, reported for duty at 0700 hrs, where they were briefed with all the happenings by the organisers. One team was stationed at Valletta Waterfront, the final destination of the triathlon, to ensure safety, and work pro-actively in preventing the public from venturing close to the quayside, while the other two teams were designated to assist and accompany participants during the swim and cycle challenges.

The triathlon commenced at 0730 hrs with a 2km swim across Birzebbuga bay. Not long after the start of the challenge, the EFRU were called in for first aid on a participant after injuring his sole on broken glass, buried in sand. Later at 0900 hrs, all participants cycled from Birzebbuga to Valletta Waterfront. One of our EFRU vehicles, in collaboration with the police, led the cyclists to their destination, while the EFRU Ambulance team brought up the rear, supporting any cyclists who were lagging behind. All teams were in constant radio communication, ensuring smooth coordination.

The triathlon came to an end with an 8 km run/ 4 km walk along the Valletta ring road. The ambulance team was deployed to roam along the route, while the other two EFRU teams were stationed at strategic points to ensure maximum safety for all participants.

Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported along the route other than some minor first aid, where as always, our EFRU first-aiders were readily prepared to reassure the casualties, administer the adequate treatment and give advice.

Miriam Cristina
EFRU Rescuer

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Thomas Smith Charity Swim – Dec 2012

December 30, 2012 in First Aid Events

For another year, E.F.R.U was called to assist the Thomas Smith Charity Swim in First Aid. Soon after arriving at Exiles (Sliema), the members assessed the area and put up a tent which was meant to serve as a mobile clinic.

President George Abela initiated the activity at around 10:30am. where 247 courageous swimmers braved the cold, jellyfish infested, waters and swam their heart out for this noble cause. Luckily enough, only one girl suffered from a jellyfish sting. Our First Aid Team, together with EFRU Doctor Tanya Mizzi and Dr.Jonathan Joslin from the Mater Dei Emergency Medical Team, also treated casualties suffering from cuts and abrasions. A casualty who accidentally fell into the rough sea was also treated on site.

In addition, EFRU volunteers assisted the C.P.D in controlling the mass of people who attended.
This was another successful activity in aid of ‘L-iStrina’.

Svetlana Bugeja
EFRU First Aider and Rescuer

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