Seabank Collapse

March 7, 2012 in General

Last Tuesday, the 6th of March 2012, at 1040hrs, a part of the Seabank Hotel extension, currently under construction, gave way and collapsed. This was an unfortunate accident which trapped a Latvian young worker under the rubble. The CPD (Malta) immediately placed the EFRU team on stand by. The volunteer team consisting of 10 EFRU members were called on site at 1800hrs and started working around 1900hrs.

Shuttering and reinforcements were placed under an uncollapsed part of the area to ensure the safety of the volunteers working beneath. However, throughout this operation all the volunteers were putting themselves in danger due to the risk of further possible collapse. The EFRU team assisted in the removal of rubble beneath which it was believed that the worker was trapped, hopefully still alive.

The EFRU team remained in action until 2300hrs and stood by on site till 0200hrs when the CPD gave the volunteers the ‘stand down’ order. Unfortunately, the lifeless body of the Latvian worker was found three hours later further beneath the rubble. The EFRU would like to thank its volunteers who committed themselves immediately to this duty without hesitation and assisted the CPD as requested.