A fresh look for the Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit’s web site

March 19, 2012 in General

Wherever you may be reading this from, click onto the Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit Web site (www.efru.org) and take a look at our redesign. Last night, we took the old site offline and relaunched with a brandnew look.

Web sites change all the time, of course, and our last major overhaul wasdone over two years ago. With this redesign, however, we hope we’ve made things easier on the eyes and better to read. We reorganized the content to be more user-friendly and simplified the navigation. We’ve also added a sharing tool to most pages; whilst keeping the comments on the articles. You can also see EFRU videos directly on the site now.

Our main entry point on the home page is the ‘Current News’ section. This will feature EFRU’s latest news and re-directs the reader to its relevant article on the ‘News Page’ where one should find a detailed explanation and links to more photos. The news page now shows a number of articles with the option of viewing a whole archive of write-ups that regard our unit. Further new additions are the ‘Donation’ page, the ‘Get Involved’ page, the ‘Basic Rescue Training For Venture Scouts’ page, the ‘EFRU Recommends’ page, the Objective page and so on. We invite all interested parties to go through these pages giving us feedback where applicable.

One may also notice the newsletter application form in the sidebar of all the pages. It is my intention to start sending out a digital newsletter with the same great new redesign. We have planned to have both the site and thenewsletter share a common look and feel. Today’s Web site relaunch and the first newsletter issue will represent the culmination of more than six months’ of planning and late night work; And we’re not stopping here. In the near future, expect to see other new content and functions. Some of you already know we are planning to launch the member’s area with a world of knowledge, concerning the unit, to those that attend the EFRU.

No overhaul of a site goes completely smoothly and, for this reason,our administrator has been busy debugging and troubleshooting all day. I hope the glitches do not detract too much from the user experience. Please let us know if you find such problems by email.

Finally, I cannot thank enough Matthew Mizzi, an active member and IT administrator for EFRU, who was deeply involved in the redesign amid his other duties. He may not have included bylines, but we couldn’t produce such a Web site without him.Further Thank you’s go the EFRU Committee who have listened to hours of explanations from me during the weekly meetings; Ivan Barbara, Sandro Camilleri, Maria Vassallo Micallef, Josef Mizzi and Brian Debattista – Thank you all!!!

Keith Borg  – Manager PR & Funding