Fire Awareness in Schools | April 2012

April 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Thursday 19th April 2012 – The school day was more fun and exciting for the students of St. Cecilia Primary School, Gzira, thanks to members of the Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit (EFRU) who paid an educational visit to the school.

Sandro Camilleri, EFRU Operations Manager, started by explaining the role of fire fighters in our society and the different tasks they have to perform whilst highlighting the importance of the Emergency Number 112.

The children were then shown around the fire engine including equipment such as hoses, branches, pumps and breathing apparatus. What seemed to be most interesting to the young students, however, was the siren!

The school visit was a success – the children really enjoyed themselves, as did their teachers and headmaster.

A few final words: “remember the ‘Emergency Number 112’ and only use it when necessary – prank calls may cost another person’s life! And if you drive, always give way to emergency vehicles with siren and lights on. They’re trying to save a person in danger.”

The visit was the first from a number of planned ‘Fire Awareness Visits’ in different schools during the summer 2012 by the volunteer members of the Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit.

Joe Bonnici

EFRU Rescuer

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