`USAR Rescue 2012` – Italy April 2012

May 1, 2012 in U.S.A.R.

Eight volunteers from the emergency fire & rescue unit have travelled to their italian counterparts ‘Edelweiss Soccorsi Speciali’ in Calabria to participate in the ‘USAR Rescue 2012’. This large scale rescue simulation was on Saturday 28th April  in ‘Badolato Superiore’ and saw some 80 rescuers from different volunteer organizations working together in one disaster area.

A debriefing  and certificate presentation was held the following day at the Edelweiss headquarters in Badolato where two of our members were honored. Ivan Barbara, EFRU Director, was awarded a certificate ‘For outstanding performance’ and that of ‘Best Team Leader’ whilst Sandro Camilleri, EFRU Operations and Training Manager, was awarded a certificate For outstanding performance.

Such an experience has given our volunteers more confidence when working on foreign soil, with foreign teams, using foreign equipment but with a common interest; that of saving lives.

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