Isle of MTV – June 2012

June 28, 2012 in General

For another year, the Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit (EFRU) were trusted to assist the Civil Protection Department (CPD) in the safe running of the Isle of MTV held at the Floriana Granaries on Tuesday 26th June 2012. Given the type of activity, one expects a good number of casualties whose condition ranges from friction burns to dehydration needing I.V.I. (Intravenous Infusion).

With the EFRU being focused mainly on operations involving Fire and Rescue; its role during the event was to ease and quicken the casualty’s transportation from the heavily crowded granaries to the specially designed emergency area where professional medical help by Mater Dei staff was available on standby. Needless to say that any immediate and eminent first aid was administered by our volunteers when needed, before and during the handover of casualties.

The unit appointed two volunteer members with the CPD Humanitarian Aid Canteen; which was under its responsibility for the first time in such an event. Those responsible provided food and water for the CPD Personnel, volunteers and medical staff on duty throughout the event.

Sylvana Cremona – EFRU First Aider

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