Embassy Abseil TV Filming Activity – August 2012

August 13, 2012 in General

E.F.R.U. activities are not only about training for disaster scenarios and attending first aid or fire fighting callouts… On Saturday 11th August, a team of E.F.R.U. volunteers set up for a session of abseiling from the roof of the Embassy complex in Valletta, for a group of youths taking part in a television reality show. The participants did not know about the activity before climbing onto the roof and seeing the ropes and abseiling equipment. Some were even scared of heights and were anxious about the activity.

However, E.F.R.U. director Ivan Barbara and Operations Manager Sandro Camilleri explained all the safety precautions being taken in order to calm them down. The volunteers accompanying the participants during the descent also played their part in re-assuring them. In the end, all felt so safe and enjoyed abseiling that the person most afraid of heights asked to have a second go – a testimony to E.F.R.U’s approach to safety in anything that we do.

Joe Bonnici
EFRU Rescuer & K9 handler

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