Simple First Aid: Minor Burn

September 27, 2012 in First Aid

A minor burn is quite a common injury at home, during BBQs etc. Even though it can be easily treated with basic first aid and then left to heal naturally, no burn should ever be underestimated.
What should you do in case someone gets burned?

Comic by Le Makoo –

Remember, your aims are to:
– Prevent infection
– Stop the burning feeling and relieve pain
– Reduce swelling

Always Never
– Wear gloves when handling the patient (or if no gloves available, wash your hands VERY thoroughly)- Remove any jewellery that might stop the blood circulation or irritate the burn (e.g. rings, bracelets, etc). – Apply oils, creams, ointments, or ice- Burst blisters- Touch the burnt area

Pay particular attention and take the patient to a doctor if:
– The casualty is a child
– The burn is all around a limb (e.g. an arm or a leg)
– It is larger than 1% of the body surface (i.e. the size of your palm)
– The burn is in the neck, throat, mouth, genitals and trunk/torso (i.e. chest, stomach and back)

Sylvana Cremona
EFRU Rescuer