Interview with Ivan Barbara

September 27, 2012 in General

48-year-old Ivan Barbara describes himself as a born leader. Being motivated and determined, he has always succeeded in achieving his goals, no matter how hard the challenges were.  As a very active person, Ivan enjoys leading a busy life and involves himself in a variety of activities and projects outside of work.

Although he is in a position of authority within E.F.R.U., Ivan is never afraid to get his hands dirty, and is the first person to demonstrate a skill or pick up a broom and participate in the weekly cleaning of the premises! In fact, he looks forward to the Saturday training sessions as a breakaway from the routine of the normal working week.

As a result of his active and continuous participation in the E.F.R.U. Committee, Ivan has encountered miles of red-tape and bureaucracy, especially when asking for help from the local authorities.

During the past 6 years, Ivan has passed through a lot of experiences that have taught him how to tackle and face his everyday problems, including being betrayed by people that he used to trust.

Despite the problems and issues that Ivan has had to deal with over the years, his positive attitude and outlook on life has never failed, and the good experiences far outweigh the negative. There is no better feeling “than helping people in need and saving people’s lives”.

However, nothing could replace the unforgettable experiences of the births of his two daughters – Nadine and Christina. This proud father of two ensures that he makes time for all aspects of his life: work, E.F.R.U., and most importantly Family.

Since his teen years, Ivan Barbara believed in voluntary work and so used a lot of his spare time to help others. He believes that “voluntary work is a means of occupying your spare time doing things of interest for noble purposes. In addition, when a person is working voluntarily, they generally open up their own qualities and the love they have towards this work.”

If he was to give E.F.R.U. a present, Ivan would provide adequate premises in which members can meet, train and store the necessary rescue equipment. Currently, the organisation is making use of temporary premises in Marsa on loan from the Civil Protection Department. Although these are perfect premises for E.F.R.U., they are not secured.

Apart from keeping healthy and fit, Ivan believes that the enthusiasm of the members of the organisation helps him keep the spirits high. His motivation and determination will surely help him to hold onto his dream to finally achieve it! Good luck Ivan!

Svetlana Bugeja
EFRU Rescuer