Rescue Crossword Puzzle

September 29, 2012 in General


1. Basic primary care in the event of an injury (5,3)
6. The person you want to see if you’re injured in the field; qualified medical person (5)
7. Essential length for high up activities (4)
9. Attempt to locate (6)
10. Possesses highly sophisticated olfaction abilities; not feline (6)
11. A person/company who donates to a particular cause on a regular basis (7)
13. Combatant of infernos (11)
14. Is it available from the EU? Allows for the purchase of essential, required equipment (7)


2. Transport for the injured (9)

3. Better than cure (10)
4. Situation requiring immediate attention (9)
5. Assistance for the alleviation of human suffering (12,3)
7. Extrication from an unfavourable situation (6)
8. Selfless individual serving others; does not receive financial payment (9)
9. Never second; a disregard of this creates work for EFRU (6)
12. Taking pride in helping others (4)


What you’ll need to do….
Open Image in Paint (or something similar), or print
Edit using paintbrush (or something similar)
Fill in your answers
E-mail your answers back to us on [email protected]
We will than do the rest. The winner will be announced in the next newsletter.

Terms of Crossword competition
Competition closes on the 25th of November 2011 and the winners name (drawn out of a hat) will be announced in the following issue.
One Entry per user
Competitors must be 18 years and over
All users playing MUST have fun

Abseil for two with the members of the Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit