Notte Bianca – September 2012

October 1, 2012 in General

Four units from the Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (EFRU) have been requested to assist the Civil Protection Department in ensuring the safety of the Notte Bianca ‘lejl imdawwal’ 2012.

Efru’s fire team was on stand by equipped with the units fire truck ready to assist in the event of a fire. A first aid team with the units ambulance was based in a strategic point within the capital city whilst First Aiders, volunteer members of EFRU, took turns to roam in the surrounding streets and squares assisting those in need. Another EFRU First Aid team was based inside the Castille Palace’s underground vaults serving as a separate team for the visitors inside. One last team was placed at the ‘base of operations’ and was in charge of supplying food and drink to all the First Aid and Fire teams on duty at the event.

A number of minor injuries were reported during the night, some of which needed further treatments and therefor had to be transported to Mater Dei Hospital.

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