Abseiling Training for the K9 Team

October 14, 2012 in U.S.A.R.

Preparations for the Novex 2012 exercise are well under way at EFRU! The Novex exercise being organised by the Civil Protection Department, may present various disaster scenarios to which the EFRU will need to respond quickly and efficiently, but above all, safely.

The K9 team (a team of handlers and dogs used to search for victims trapped under rubble) have practised descending from heights with their dogs safely strapped. While it may seem easy and straightforward, it takes a while to calm the dogs down and prepare them for the descent. Manoeuvring with the dogs is not very easy either, especially considering they weigh around 30 Kg. However, after a few tries, both handlers and dogs were confident enough to be ready to do it in a real setting.

Joe Bonnici
K9 Handler & Rescuer

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