Interview: Rennie Zerafa

December 4, 2012 in General

Name: Rennie Zerafa

Age: 47

Hobby: Football

Profession: Nurse

Occupation: Founder member and organiser of the Puttinu Cares Foundation.

A nurse by profession, Rennie explained that it was precisely his profession which drove him, along with Dr.Victor Calvalgna, to set up the Puttinu Cares Foundation. Rennie now works full-time for the Puttinu Cares Foundation.

Rennie first got to know about E.F.R.U. whilst he was looking for an organisation to provide First-Aid coverage during the Puttinu Cares Football marathon a few years back. He was impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication of the team throughout the marathon, which lasted around 60 hours. The E.F.R.U. have since helped out with Puttinu Cares events on a regular basis, and have provided First Aid on numerous occasions, both for minor injuries and major incidents where the patient was transported to hospital in the unit’s own ambulance.

In 2006, during the annual Puttinu Cares triathlon event “Challenge with a Smile” held on the 8th December, the importance of having a First-Aid/Rescue team available during sporting events really impressed itself upon Rennie. In this particular event, four of the leading participants pulled away from the group and, during the crossing by canoe back to Malta from Gozo, they found themselves in serious difficulty as a result of extremely rough weather. Rennie went on to describe the determination that the E.F.R.U. team displayed, and their expertise in rescuing the athletes. (CLICK HERE) Although incidents of this severity do not occur frequently, it is always best to have trained personnel available on site – just in case!

As an organizer, Rennie commented that he feels at ease with E.F.R.U. around. He says“they take safety seriously and I can put my mind at rest that, during an event, safety is at its best. I’m proud that such an organization is willing to help out with Puttinu Cares events.” He resumed by saying that the E.F.R.U. has been extremely supportive over these past few years and that he cannot imagine a Puttinu Cares activity without them.

During the interview, Rennie emphasized that it is extremely important for people to be aware of the safety aspect when organizing an activity. Proper care and attention should be paid to ensure that accidents are avoided and, if they do happen, the right personnel are present to handle the situation.

The Puttinu Cares Foundation goes to great lengths to help Maltese families affected by cancer, and the events and activities organized are all geared towards raising funds for this cause. With each event, the generosity of the Maltese nation never fails to astound the organisers of the Puttinu Cares events. For this, Rennie is ever grateful, as it is this generosity that enables the Puttinu Cares Foundation to do what they originally set out to do.

Sylvana Cremona
EFRU First Aider