Interview: Keith Borg

March 26, 2013 in Newsletters

Name: Keith Borg
Position within E.F.R.U: Manager i/c of PR & Funding
Current Job: Photographer working under the name of Lux Moments; Works in the Finance Department of a local Shipping and Insurance firm
Hobbies: E.F.R.U, cycling and diving

As a child, Keith became involved in the scouting movement and was an active member of the First Birkirkara Scouts’ Group for eighteen years. He has always preferred the outdoors to TV and computer games and is always up for an adventure.  His childhood laid good grounds for the work Keith does today voluntarily with E.F.R.U.

Keith describes himself as a loyal and trustworthy person. He never goes against his beliefs and works hard to achieve what he believes in. On interviewing him, Keith described himself as:

“adventurous, artistic, fair minded and easy going. I love to joke around and making friends was never an issue for me. I am a person who always sees the glass as half-full, and one thing I hate is being let down or betrayed by people I trust.”

In 2006, together with his father-in-law Sandro Camilleri and three others, Keith helped to found E.F.R.U.  The driving force behind Keith’s participation in such a project can be put down to his strong will to help those in need and his determination to start something a fresh.  The founders of E.F.R.U. wanted to build an organisation based on new objectives and ambitions,yet with distinct ways of leadership. On looking back to what E.F.R.U. achieved in the 6 years since its conception, Keith admits that the formation of E.F.R.U was a total success.

One experience that Keith will never forget as an E.F.R.U. member is that of rescuing Fabio Spiteri after his canoe capsized in rough seas during a Puttinu Cares triathlon. A full story, together with an interview with Fabio can be read on the following link:

E.F.R.U. has encountered a lot of difficulties since its formation. However, the positive attitude and approach to life that is exercised by E.F.R.U.’s leaders enables the whole unit to see the bigger picture – such hiccups are simply challenges that need to be dealt with and learned from.

E.F.R.U. works hard, and the members themselves regard the unit as a second family.  As a member of the executive committee I can vouch that we take any threats to this family environment very seriously.

Between his full-time job, photographic work and voluntary commitments, Keith leads a very busy life. Nevertheless, he manages to keep up with everything. Keith gives credit to his wife Elexia, who is always ready to support him in whatever he does.  He admits that My wife and I form a great team together and are blessed with loving families who are always there to help”. He sees Elexia as a silent member of the Unit and for this he wishes to thank her publicly.

As a father, his only ambitions are to give the best possible life to his family and to be a good role-model and a consistant figure in his son’s life.As an E.F.R.U. member, Keith wishes to see his second family “evergrowing and advancing its mission…that of helping others”.

My personal motto in life has always been…I can do it!