Puttinu Cares Football Marathon – May 2013

May 13, 2013 in First Aid Events

Another successful Puttinu Cares football marathon has drawn to a close, and with it so has the Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit’s first aid and fire cover duty. Over 60 hours (between 3rd and 5th May), EFRU saw to the safety of the event round the clock, having a team of first aiders available for any eventualities. This was a challenge for the volunteers themselves, staying awake for long hours and enduring the heat of the sun during the day. However the effort paid off, as witnessed by the numerous cases that the team took care of.

The environment of the football marathon, in itself, presents several hazards which may lead to injuries – in fact, the EFRU first aid team was faced with the mild injuries like sprains, ankle twists, abrasions and superficial cuts, going to the more serious ones like dislocated elbows, broken finger, neck injuries, concussions and even a suspected spinal injury and suspected heart attack. The EFRU first aid team was backed up by the presence of a doctor, also being an active member of EFRU, and who was able to provide better guidance for the more serious cases. That being said, however, these cases were still referred to Mater Dei hospital, and the EFRU ambulance in fact made several trips to hospital. For this event the EFRU availed themselves of a second ambulance kindly loaned to the unit by Kevin Gauci.

Despite the fact that there were a significant number of first aid cases, there is no cause for alarm, especially considering the huge amount of people that participated in, or visited, the football marathon at some point. However the general public is encouraged to always be more careful to avoid mishaps. A case in point is for spectators to avoid stopping near the goalposts, especially if they have young children, possibly in pushchairs.

The EFRU management wishes to thank all volunteers who attended and helped during the event.

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