TV Marathon – Raoul Follereau Foundation

September 26, 2013 in General

During the 14th/15th of September, a TV marathon was organised to assist in the collection of money for the Raoul Follereau Foundation. Raoul Follereau was born in Nevers in 1903, and was a brilliant advocate at the Paris Bar and a playwright of great promise. He was a man of great courage who travelled more than anybody else in the world in the service of the most abandoned minority of the human race and was the greatest authority on the conditions of life of leprosy sufferers.

The Raoul Follereau Foundation originally called the Order of Charity (which is also widely used nowadays) is a fund managed by the Military and Hospitallier Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem (OLJ), since 2009. This is an ancient Order that was founded in Palestine at the time of the Crusades to help and defend the pilgrims to the Holy Land. It also set up hospitals to cater for the lepers, a mission it is still doing today in many parts of the world to cure and eradicate leprosy, which, is unfortunately still rampant.

Members from the OLJ approached the Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (EFRU) to send some members, to assist in the answering of phones during the marathon.  In line with it’s ‘Community Assistance Program’ (CAP), the EFRUgladly assisted in the two day TV marathon, by sending 6 volunteers on both days, whilst also helping in the promotion of the event.

EFRU is pleased that the marathon was a huge success that saw, the Order of Charity collect more then EUR 90,000.

David Spiteri
EFRU Rescuer & First Aider

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