Interview with Nick Zammit

September 26, 2013 in Member Interviews

NAME – Nick Zammit

POSITION WITHIN E.F.R.U. – Finance Manager

CURRENT JOB – Finance and Administration Manager

HOBBIES – Music (plays the guitar); Reading; Travelling

Way back in 2006, Nick Zammit, together with four others, helped found the E.F.R.U.  Nick’s participation in such an ambitious plan was due to his great determination to help others in a variety of ways, including leading other like-minded people towards a common goal of helping those who need it.  The founding five did not simply want to train in rescue, but also wanted to assist and give First Aid to those in need. Their aim was to be as self-sufficient as possible in the event of a disaster.  For example, instead of entering Firework Factories’ accidents to rescue people who had already been located by other personnel, they wanted to be able to identify the location of casualties and victims themselves through the use of trained rescue dogs. This goal was one that Nick felt capable of achieving, together with the other E.F.R.U. Founders.

“Looking back, from the amount of new members and the agenda the E.F.R.U. has, as well as from the amount of tasks it is involved in, it shows that the E.F.R.U. is growing fast and increasing its success with the passing of time.”

As part of the E.F.R.U Administrative Committee, Nick is responsible for managing everything that has to do with Finance, not only the unit’s accounts, but also the reports that need to be submitted to the Maltese Voluntary Group Council on a year-to-year basis. This job requires a lot of dedication and precious time in order to publish such reports in a precise manner and to ensure all relevant details are included.

In order to keep up with his full-time job, family requirements and the E.F.R.U.-related work mentioned, Nick has learned to prioritise. He told me that:

“I make sure that, after my full-time job, I spend enough quality time with my wife, my daughter and my son. After that, I find time to keep up with the E.F.R.U.-related work.

Nick’s greatest adventure with E.F.R.U. was the ‘Cycling for Puttinu’ event held in Sicily and organised by the E.F.R.U as part of the Community Assistance Programme (CAP).  The event was open to both E.F.R.U members and other cycling enthusiasts, with the main aim of collecting funds for Puttinu Cares.

His desire to participate in such activities emerged while he was still a child. Nick joined Sliema Scouts when he was 13 and spent 4 years participating in Scouts activities and adventures. After such a background, the move into a rescue-orientated environment was a logical step for him.

The most difficult feat for Nick had to be conquering his fear of heights.  Abseiling was a difficult challenge that he had to face, but once he knew it was safe and began to trust his colleagues, he ended up enjoying abseils and height-related rescues.  In fact, his life’s motto is; “Only as high as I reach can I grow. Only as far as I seek can I go. Only as deep as I look can I see. Only as much as I dream can I be.”

Although rescue is something he enjoys greatly, at the moment, fatherhood takes priority and precedence over anything else.  Nick’s greatest joy is to see both his children growing and to be there to witness each milestone they achieve.

“I wish to be there for them in every single moment, in every success and in every failure of their lifes.”

His ambition for life is to travel the world. He simply loves travelling, learning about new cultures and experimenting with traditional foods (chocolate-covered grasshoppers anyone?). For him, travelling means spending time with the family – what he really lives for!

Nick recommends E.F.R.U. to anyone interested in pursuing voluntary work in this field. “Once someone enters E.F.R.U., it’s like they’ve acquired a new family. Aside from this, the E.F.R.U. teaches many new skills that may come in handy in their daily lives.”

His advice to current E.F.R.U. Members:

“Be strong and unite, for each other member is your friend and family. Trust each other, because when at risk, your life is in the hands of your fellow members.  Be respectful and cherish that friendship.”