What have the EFRUers been up to?

September 26, 2013 in Newsletters

High up on a windy cliff edge,
or down below in the musty undergrounds,
the Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit
goes where the casualty takes it.
Practice makes perfect…now the EFRU is going deep!

Saving a life isn’t always about hanging off a rock face or running into a fire. The strength of the Unit lies largely in its ability to respond to different emergency situations. Its members are trained to adapt and apply their skills according to need. These must range from the general first aid rules-of-thumb, to highly technical rope rescue (most often at vertigo-height!) and the more audacious fire rescue…

And yet, there’s more to explore.

Throughout the summer, eight members of the EFRU took it upon themselves to do the Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver courses through a professional diving school, thus increasing their underwater skills. Having completed these two courses with success, these EFRU members have now become certified divers and have gained knowledge of important diving procedures such as underwater navigation and deep diving. This group of volunteers is now looking forward to close off the summer by going yet a further step: Rescue Diving. This kind of training will see our members practicing rescue and first-aid techniques in the water and will require them to combine their knowledge of rescue procedures with their diving skills.

It goes without saying that this calls for quite a bit of training, not to mention a lot of commitment and some strong will. But this is surely no hurdle for the EFRU volunteers whose dedication never wanes and who are ever so proud to wear the EFRU badge, even if they have to take it underwater! … And, lest we forget, there’s also a great deal of fun involved in exploring the underwater world and few are those of us who let a fun experience pass them by!

For the past 2 months, consecutive dives and reading through thick text books have only been part of the EFRU-divers’ weekly menu, and this has definitely been making this summer one of the most challenging yet. However, so far so good – as worn out as we all might be, nothing beats the surge of excitement you feel as you descend, especially with the prospect of some ‘Rescue’ down in the deep blue.