First Aid Tips – BBQ

March 29, 2014 in First Aid

Spring is in the air! …and with it comes picnics, cook-outs and barbecues. Such activities play a big part in our culture, and are great way to enjoy the outdoors and socialise with friends and family.

However, some responsibility needs to be taken when such activities are undertaken, namely avoiding littering the environment, leaving the place cleaner than when you found it and also making sure that no fires are started accidentally as a result of your campfire or barbecue.

Some important tips to remember are:
1. Make sure that the area is free from flammable materials, such as dry grass, trees, etc.
2. If you build a fire, build a safe compartment for it using stones lying around (not from rubble walls!).
3. Should you use a lighter fluid to start the fire or barbecue, cap the container after you use it and place it a safe distance away from the fire.
4. Once you’re ready, allow the charcoal or wood-ash to cool completely before you leave. Ideally, charcoal is left to cool for 48 hours to make sure there are no hot embers left. However, to speed up this process, you can pour water on the charcoal or wood to extinguish any hot embers.
5. After pouring water on the embers, stir the charcoal or wood-ash to allow the water to enter the depths of the pile. Although the outer parts of the charcoal or wood-ash pile may be cool, the inner parts may still be hot and can start a fire.
6. Once the charcoal or wood-ash is cool and all embers are properly extinguished, wrap them in some aluminium foil and dispose of them in a proper rubbish bin. Avoid burying the ashes, particularly if lighter fluid was used or if the charcoal contained some form of additive to allow quick lighting, as such chemicals are not good for the environment.
7. Brush up on your first aid for burns – click here

Most importantly, have fun and stay safe!