112 – The Common Emergency Number Across all Europe

March 29, 2014 in General

112 is the number to be dialled in case of emergency, across all Europe. Everybody knows this, right? Well, apparently it is not so – according to a recent survey by the European Commission across its member countries, less than 26% knew this. This is very unfortunate, since we’re talking about something that may ultimately save someone’s life, and there’s nothing more precious than that!

Being a member of the Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit, I feel compelled to promote the use of 112 in case of emergency. You can also help, firstly by taking the time to read the following guidelines, and secondly by spreading the word among your friends and family.

  • The 112 number connects you to the Emergency Services in the country i.e. Ambulance, Fire Fighters and Police. The service is provided 24/7.
  • 112 is completely free of charge. In fact, locked mobile phones or those without a SIM card can still be used to call 112.
  • Do not dial any country code in front of 112.
  • 112 works in all EU countries as well as Croatia, Faroe Islands, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia and Israel. In the USA and Australia, 112 is re-directed automatically to the Emergency Services.

When calling 112, stay calm and wait until the emergency operator answers your call. Be prepared to give information and follow these guidelines:

  • What has happened and who is involved.
  • Location where the emergency assistance is necessary (be as clear as possible). Mention any well-known landmarks in the vicinity.
  • Answer any questions asked so that the operator may determine the appropriate assistance required.
  • Follow any advice given and do not hang up until told to do so. Remember that you might need to be contacted again for additional information about the accident or to give you additional advice.
  • If the situation changes (gets worse or better), call 112 again and report the changes.

Remember that the 112 is intended to be called only when there is a serious threat to someone’s life. Any unnecessary call to 112 blocks a line, possibly when someone else is trying to call to report a real emergency!

Thank you for helping save someone’s life!

Joe Bonnici
EFRU Rescuer


For more information about the 112 emergency number: www.my112.eu