EFRU joins the 15th anniversary celebrations of their Greek counterparts

May 6, 2014 in General

Saturday, the 26th day of April 2014, saw two members of the Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (EFRU)’s Committee joining the Greek volunteer teams of EP.OM.E.A. on their 15th anniversary since the foundation of the first EP.OM.E.A. nucleus.  EP.OM.E.A. refers to the ‘Elite Special Task Force of Greece’, a completely voluntary organisation currently constituted of a number of branch teams spread over Greece and Crete.

The Maltese representatives were also joined by members of a Serbian volunteer organisation to attend to this memorable occasion for their Greek counterparts. The first Greek EP.OM.E.A. volunteer team started off in Thessaloniki 15 years ago by a group of scouts who noticed the need for a rescue team in their area. This happened after they successfully helped a father and his son stuck in snow on a mountain nearby. The fact that they are still going strong after 15 years is quite impressive considering the challenges involved in running a non-profit organisation entirely composed of volunteers. This is even more so when one notices how the organisation grew rapidly and spread to several other municipalities in Greece, and is now collaborating with foreign teams such as the EFRU on European-wide ventures.

EFRU members are now looking forward to meet their Greek colleagues again ina European rescue exercise being held in the commune of Badolato, Italy, organised by the Italian team Edelweiss. This exercise will bring together several rescue teams from different European countries, who will work together on a number of simulated disaster scenarios. Furthermore, an important and much anticipated milestone will be reached for several of these participating teams. However, the fine details are still under wraps, and will be communicated as the events unfold during the coming week.

Once again, the EFRU wishes to congratulate team EP.OM.E.A.on such an important anniversary, and looks forward to greater cooperation and continued friendship.

Joe Bonnici

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