Puttinu Cares Football and Volleyball Marathon 2014

July 3, 2014 in First Aid Events

This year, the Puttinu Cares Football and Volleyball Marathon celebrated its 10th anniversary, and the Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit were proud to provide First Aid and Fire cover throughout the event.  The marathon was held between the 6th and 8th June, for a total of 60 hours.

Members of the E.F.R.U. were kept busy administering first aid for a variety of injuries, ranging from minor abrasions to those that eventually required professional medical attention, as well as several cases of fainting or mild heat exhaustion.

The E.F.R.U. are proud to assist Puttinu Cares, and would like to suggest the following tips to ensure that everyone attending future sporting events would enjoy the experience to the fullest.

  • Preparation – warm-up and stretch beforehand.  Certain sports injuries and muscle strain can be avoided or minimised if you are properly warmed-up.
  • Hydrate – even if you’re not playing any sports, drink lots of water and isotonic drinks.  Avoid alcohol, tea and coffee as much as possible.
  • Nutrition – make sure you eat regular, light meals and allow enough time to digest the food before participating in any sports activities.  Even if you are not participating in any activities, ensure you eat properly.
  • Safety – shelter behind fences and avoid watching the games from behind the goalposts.  Stray footballs can hurt quite a bit!
  • Sun Protection – use an adequate sunblock and wear sun protective clothing, such as hats and light long sleeve tops.

With all the outdoor events that are held during the summer, the only way to enjoy them is “safely”. So apply sun protection, stay hydrated and enjoy the summer!

Brush up on your skills in our First Aid section, (Click HERE) which covers the basic first aid for several common summer injuries.

Sylvana Cremona
EFRU Volunteer

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