Summer schools fire demo

October 3, 2014 in General

Oh Fire!! A source of light and heat, and perhaps one of mankind’s greatest discovery – who wouldn’t love a summer night round a BBQ or a winter night round a camp fire? Isn’t it fun?!

Under controlled conditions, fire is very welcome, but would you want an uncontrolled fire in your kitchen?

For this reason, the Emergency, Fire and Rescue Unit (E.F.R.U) was asked by a number of summer schools to offer Fire Awareness Sessions this summer. Each session lasted around 2 hours each and targeted children between 5 and 11 years of age, as well as their teachers and accompanying parents.

Each session began with a short introduction to the E.F.R.U. and what the Unit does, and was then followed by a quick tour around the fire truck, including the children’s favourite part – sounding the fire truck siren! The children were then allowed to climb into the fire engine and a member of the E.F.R.U. explained the various equipment used by firemen, such as the fire kit, the Breathing Apparatus (air tank and mask that allow firemen to breathe in thick smoke) and the fire pump.

The second part of each session centred on kitchen fires, with a discussion about a very handy (and highly important!) addition to every kitchen: the fire blanket. The children present were asked to share their knowledge about fire blankets and common causes and risks associated with kitchen fires, and this was then followed by a demonstration on how to extinguish a chip pan fire using a fire blanket. The adults present were also given the opportunity to practise extinguishing a chip pan fire with a fire blanket, and also with a pan lid or dish cloth.
This second part of the session ended with an introduction to the various types of fire extinguishers, as well as how and when they are used. Here, again a demonstration was carried out by our members and interested adults could try putting out small, contained fires using fire extinguishers.

The final part of the session was perhaps the most interesting for the children, particularly in the heat of summer, as they were given the opportunity to play around with water and fire hoses. This activity was intended to give the children a feel of the force imparted by the stream of water, under pressure.

Satisfied to have accomplished their mission – and perhaps a little wet – all participants can leave with something new and useful on their mind. This they have achieved in a manner that we all agree is one of the best ways to learn – through doing and having fun!

Sylvana Cremona
EFRU Rescue Volunteer

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