Dingli Farm Fire

October 8, 2014 in Fire

5th August 2014. A normal day for most of us … but not for Mr Xmun Azzopardi and his son, the owners of a Dingli cattle farm, who woke up to the regretful sight of their farm, still burning and in ruins from the previous night’s fire.

Firefighters from the Civil Protection Department (CPD) were called on-site at 2130 hrs on the previous day to control and extinguish the roaring flames from the burning hay, animal feed and farm tools. The fire was so extensive that 12 hours later, the Emergency and Fire Rescue Unit’s (EFRU) assistance was requested to reinforce the deployed CPD team.

An emergency call out was issued at 0826 hrs, and in less than half an hour, the EFRU fire team was on its way to ground zero. Once on the scene, they immediately replaced the sleep deprived and weary CPD personnel, and started working to cool down the charred hay, while AFM 3rd regiment troops rolled and loosened the compact stacks to allow for thorough cooling. Constant water supply was provided from the numerous bowsers called in for assistance, to drench all the hay with water until all smoke traces were extinguished, and any threat of rekindled fire was completely abolished.

Stand down was given to EFRU volunteers at 1100 hrs at which point, all equipment was recovered, cleaned and made ready in advance for another (unfortunate) emergency call out.
Luckily enough, all the 150 farm livestock were saved from a tragic death. The calamitous damage was quantified to an estimate of over €100,000. Hence, the necessity of tending to any fire urgently as every fraction of minute counts in limiting the damage.

David Cristina
EFRU Rescue Volunteer

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