EFRU Cycling Tour 2015 – Sicily – 12th& 13th June

March 28, 2015 in General


A year seems like a long period of time for many, but not for us at the EFRU as we are always busy with different on-goings month after month. April is with us and that means that our volunteers are busy once again, sinking under piles of paperwork, in preparation for the ‘EFRU Cycling Tour’.

This tour has become extremely successful, with a number of cyclists booking their place as early as a year in advance to avoid disappointment. Praise goes to all those volunteers and cycling enthusiasts who help in the organisation,sharing their experience and knowledge for the tour to be bigger and better than the exciting challenges which the EFRU has organised in the past years.

 Without giving out too much information at this stage, the plan for the 2015 tour is to cover a gruesome 300 KM route from Pozzallo to Nicolosi and back, spread over two days, with an overnight stay at a good agriturismo that serves scrumptious Sicilian food.

With all the excitement and fun that this adventure brings with it, it also carries great responsibility for the organizing party. Despite the preparations in advance, one can never be too confident that nothing will go wrong. The logistics team and the first aid backup team entirely composed of EFRU volunteers, work in sync to ensure that participating cyclists are kept safe. A vehicle with one back-up team gets a head start to confirm the prepared route and mark the turnings for the cyclists that follow, while another team equipped with a separate vehicle makes sure to stay behind the last cyclist. This ensures that no one gets lost, or worse, stranded all alone. Additionally, a third back-up team  of first aiders stays in the “roamer” vehicle, whose job is to drive along with the cyclists to offer them on-the-road support, intervene in case of an emergency and supply them with fresh drinking water, fruit or sweets for sugar intake as required. Needless to say, all of this can only go smoothly through lots of radio communication and lots of caution by all teams involved.  And for those whose turn as members of the backup team happens to be this year, high five mates! This would never be possible without your help.

Like relatively everything else that the EFRU does, there’s a greater purpose behind this adventure. Apart from the challenge and the fun that this cycling feat is guaranteed to offer, the EFRU is taking this as another fundraising opportunity for one of the many needs of a voluntary NGO like ours. The EFRU needs to invest in a new ambulance with which the Unit will be able to assist in first aid duties and offer support to charitable organisations like Puttinu Cares. The EFRU Cycling Tour 2014 will help the Unit make one more step towards that cause.

It’s fun, it’s safe, and it’s a challenge towards a good cause. If you ask me, I wouldn’t miss it for the world …

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Keith Borg & Iona Muscat