SIMIT 2015 – A three day simulated deployment on various rescue scenarios

September 23, 2015 in U.S.A.R.

The month of September 2015 marked an important milestone in the calendar of the Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (EFRU) thanks to its involvement in a SIMIT (Integrated System for Transboundary Italo-Maltese Civil Protection) Project Earthquake Rescue simulation organised by the Civil Protection Department of Malta (CPD), one of the five (5) partners in this project. Participants in this Simulation were local NGOs involved in the field of rescue and other Sicilian Rescue teams that were invited over purposely for the occasion.

This Simulation was held over the course of three days, from Thursday 3rd September to Saturday 5th, most of which time was occupied with different rescue scenarios for all the volunteers to work together while testing the preparedness of each team and gaining experiences that only such simulated deployments can offer.
The scenarios prepared by the CPD differed in nature and included search and rescue missions, confined space rescues, fire fighting scenarios and other rescue scenarios involving the use of high angle rescue equipment among others.

This whole experience came to an end with a lovely dinner cooked to perfection by members of the Scouts Association of Malta, which also forked in its share during the simulation by preparing a base camp in ‘Ghajn Tuffieha’ for the refugees as well as catering for all the rescuers and participants.

The EFRU participated with a team of 25 volunteers and was deployed by the CPD in all of the rescue scenarios prepared for this SIMIT Simulation that were situated in Malta. The vehicles used were the Unit’s Mess Van, its Dodge Fire Truck and three (3) Back up vehicles that are privately owned by the volunteers.

The management team of the EFRU would like to take this opportunity to thank the Civil Protection Department for organizing the various rescue scenarios for different volunteer teams to work together, thus simulating a true emergency in the event of a national disaster.

Are you interested in voluntary rescue work? Would you like to dedicate some time on a weekly basis to train yourself and participate in similar future opportunities that the EFRU offers to its volunteers, be it on a local or international platform?
Send us an email on [email protected] and we will guide you accordingly.

Keith Borg
Manager PR & Funding

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