Swift Water Training Preperation

September 23, 2015 in General

Summer 2015 … long and scorching summer days, relaxing by the beach, drinking cold drinks, taking a passive stance to the usual hectic days while enjoying life slowly strolling by … who would choose otherwise? So true … but not for everyone. A group of committed Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit (EFRU) members opted to spend their sparingly free time training hard with dedication, in anticipation for the upcoming Swift Water Rescue Course.

Under professional supervision of Mr Orazio Zahra, director of Soċjeta Nażżjonali tas-Salvataġġ, and his wife Maris, EFRU members have been learning various techniques while thoroughly practising and exercising these new methodologies. With Mr Zahra’s help, who wholeheartedly and voluntarily embarked on this mission, the EFRU team’s intent has been to master the skills and strengthen the physical stamina, in expectation of the tough training and complex scenarios they will be subjected to later on during October in the UK.

In appreciation to the opportunity made available by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector through the Small Initiatives Support Scheme 2014’s funds awarded to the EFRU, a team of rescue volunteers will be participating in a three day intense Swift Water Rescue Training Course in the freezing cold rapid water rivers of Coventry. The specialized training will be delivered by certified and seasoned instructors from Serve On, a non-profit humanitarian response organisation, currently in its final phase of officially joining the European Association of Civil Protection Volunteer Teams (EVOLSAR).

Albeit being a small and relatively flat island, every year, Malta is subjected to torrential rains which instigates various locations to flood, trapping personnel, causing devastating property damage and imposing undue stress on the national civil protection teams. By investing in delivering the required training skills and equipment to EFRU’s voluntary members, the community will surely benefit during such instances on potential disasters.

David Cristina
EFRU Rescuer

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