E.F.R.U. Volunteers assist CPD in Bastions’ clean-up in preparation for Pope’s visit

March 6, 2010 in General

The bastions in the south of the island are today being cleaned of weeds in an operation led by the Civil Protection Department and including the involvementofanumberof other organisations.

Operations Manager John Gera said the cleaning was being done in preparationofthe Pope’s visit in April. Weather permitting, the operation will continue tomorrow.

A total of 44 people are taking part. The cleaning groups have formed teams of eight and others are offering ground support.

Mr Gera said that the operation included the participation of the Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit, St John’s Rescue Corps, the Civil Protection Department volunteers (SPIDERS), St John’s Ambulance, the Red Cross, the Traffic Police and the Public Cleansing Department.

The operation is being led by the acting head of the Civil Protection Department Patrick Murgo.

A number of safety officers are overseeing the operation to ensure it runs smoothly.