His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. visit

April 27, 2010 in General

The Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (EFRU) formed part of the first aid and rescue personnel set up by the Civil Protection Department (CPD) to assistthoseattendingtothe ceremonies and visits of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

Present in most ofthePope’s appearances namely Valletta, Rabat, Floriana and the Waterfront. EFRU’s volunteers and an Italian volunteer group ‘Soccorsi Speciali Edelweiss’ teamed up to erect two first aid inflatable tents brought over for the occasion. Together, EFRU and Edelweiss volunteers manned the First Aid tents, and patrolled designated points helping anyone who needed first aid.

The EFRU was also present on water at the waterfront and joined the CPD and AFM with their Rescue R.I.B. to make safe both the shoreline, in case of anyone falling into the water, as well as H.H. Pope Benedict’s path during his journey from Kalkara to the Valletta Waterfront.

Thankfully enough no serious accidents were reported during the weekend.