EFRU Volunteers assist Civil Protection Department in Mosta Fireworks Factory Explosion

August 20, 2010 in General

The body of Mario Dimech was found early on Saturday, soon after the search resumed at the site of a fireworks factory explosion.
The explosion of the 15th AUgust fireworks factory in DwejrashookMaltaandGozo at 1455h on Friday, and was one of the most powerful ones ever in Malta. Debris was shot across 700m, leavingonlythe niche of the Madonna standing.
The death-toll could have been much higher: A group of men had just left the factory, loaded up with fireworks for the Mosta feast on Sunday.
However, Mr Dimech, a 41-year-old bachelor who lives with his widowed mother, stayed on.
The search was hampered by the heat, with fireworks still exploding until late afternoon. As soon as the site cooled down, dozens of people from the AFM, Police and medical teams moved in, assisted by volunteers from the Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit and a crane was used to sift through the rubble, while a helicopter did aerial searches. But the search had to be called off at 1955h as the light was failing and it was too dangerous for the personnel.
The search started again at 0700h, assisted by over a dozen volunteers from St John Ambulance, and the body of Mr Dimech was found buried under the rubble.
by Vanessa Macdonald – [email protected]