E.F.R.U. & Edelweiss Soccorsi Speciali High Angle Rescue Training

November 1, 2010 in General

After having visited Calabria back in June for training with ‘Soccorsi Speciali Edelweiss’ the Emergency Fire & RescueUnithastodayhosted another training exercise with their Italian friends, to strengthentheiralready tight bond, this time on Maltese soil.

The training consisted mostly of ‘High Angle Rescue’ at Mtahleb where a joint simulation exercise led to the rescue of three different casualties.

A volunteer member of the Civil Protection Dept also participated in this four hour exercise.

Leaders of both rescue groups, Ivan Barbara and Pascuale Pipicelli, expressed their satisfaction for the repeated success the groups have had in these joint simulations and have agreed to increase their training exercises together during 2011.

Article- Keith Borg -Manager PR & Funding – [email protected]