Cycling Tour 2016

June 7, 2016 in General

The year 2016 has brought along with it a number of success stories for us at the Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit and certainly one of our proudest moments is the finish line of the 2016 Sicily Cycling Tour.

With the largest number of awesome participants to date, this year’s tour has given our team even more energy to continue on what we’ve started, to scout even more scenic routes (that to-date have proved to be so popular) and obviously get more participants on board to be able to raise funds to sustain our Unit and equip ourselves better to be able to Save Lives.

I believe that all the cyclists that took the plunge this year join me in saying that the 300 km cycled during this tour were not ‘a bike ride in the park’ and mother nature was not on our side either; but with a little pampering and loads of encouragement of the back up team every cyclist made it to the finish line in time for a well-deserved plate of pasta before boarding the Virtu Ferries Catamaran back to Malta.

Obviously, this tour would not have been possible without the assistance of those who believe in our cause. A huge Thank You goes to Vibe FM, Wheel Wizard, OK Medical, Freedor Ltd., Go & Fun, Virtu Ferries and last but not least to the organising committee and back up team that, thanks to their time, dedication and support, have got a number of cyclists addicted to the yearly event.

Joe Bonnici

EFRU Volunteer & Rescuer

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