RESCUE 2016, 22-25April

June 7, 2016 in U.S.A.R.

The end of April brought with it the annual visit to Soverato, Italy, for a team of EFRU members who travelled to participate in a joint training with a number of European rescue teams.

Rescue 2016 was organised by the Italian team Edelweiss, and involved teams from the EVOLSAR association together with other Italian and European teams. A number of rescue scenarios were prepared in different locations, some requiring rope rescue techniques, while others involved USAR and confined space rescue techniques. Teams from different countries were combined into larger teams in order to practice working together, and each team rotated between the different scenarios.

The EFRU team was teamed up with the Hungarian team ÖPVE. With every scenario, teamwork got better and better, and there weren’t any particular problems with language. Exercises like these really give the opportunity for rescuers to learn from each other. There is always that time-saving technique that can be taught or shared with other rescuers, and will be invaluable the next time a similar scenario is encountered. Then there is also the bonding and friendship that is developed between different teams, which is also very important, especially if ever there is a need for the teams to work together under pressure in a real rescue operation.

Joe Bonnici

EFRU Volunteer & Rescuer

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