Ready, steady … Food-fight! – An interview with Terence Delia

September 27, 2016 in Member Interviews

_53A4686What ‘menace’ is to ‘Dennis’ relates closely to whichever word it is that rhymes with and describes Terence, even if they have yet to invent it!

To start with the usual basics: Terence Delia is our other 31-year-old engineer who does things in life that go well beyond his profession. Remember the interview with Steve, the spontaneous stunt-bomb? Yes, there is a reason why Terence and Steve are always mentioned together and I intend to explain this to our readers. Not only do the two have a flair for fixing and unfixing things, but both share a knack for all that which is unconventional and thrillingly non-conformist. Naturally, it was Steve who convinced Terence to join EFRU and from what I gather there are no regrets from either end!

Now, for the less-obvious facts. Since he joined in October 2014, Terence has embarked on an increasingly interesting experience which led him from acquiring his basic first-aid and rescue skills, through fire fighting and all the way to completing 300 kilometers of cycling in Sicily with the EFRU annual tour! In his own words, he never thought he’d see the latter feat through, and the point is precisely that; so many members of EFRU have, in so many ways, overcome hurdles they had never thought they would. If I may add on to Terence’s contribution, there is one significant element of being part of the Unit. It makes you believe in yourself and gives you the grit to carry on.

On a lighter note, I move on to my next question. I ask Terence what he thinks is the most positive thing he gained from being a member of EFRU. Quickly and with a dash of mischief in his tone he replies:

Friends! By being part of EFRU I got reunited with my old buddies David and Stephen, but of equal importance is the number of new people I got to know, few of whom became best friends!

And I nod in accordance as I know he’s right.  David is the third in the trio, one of the earlier members of the Unit and the other engineer-guru interviewed for last summer’s newsletter. Dave, Steve and Terence are a dangerous mix, but they truly live up to the genuine definition of ‘old buddies.’ Since this is about Terence, though, I must point out: he is the guy who bursts into flames and throws himself in the haystack. He’s probably the fellow to blame when there’s food flying across the room or when someone’s missing a piece of clothing, only to be found hidden away in the oddest of places. Stir the pot, fan the fire… Terence does them all; but, you see, it’s all in good humour. Indeed, that way of socialising has now become something of an EFRU-trademark.

So when a fellow member oozes such positivity, sometimes you do wonder whether there is anything at all that makes him tick. My question is direct: ‘what irks you when you are training with the rest of the team?’ To which he replies:

Not much, really, but since you asked, it is when I am unable to help out fellow team members due to lack of training or knowledge; hence my craving to learn new skills.

And indeed that’s Terence for you. When the situation isn’t favourable he still finds a way to fuel his positive approach to things and ropes everyone in on his plan.

When I corner Terence with my next complex question, he takes a while to answer but when he does, he does so honestly. I refer to the fact that although he is often taken up with his very busy personal life, he still finds the time to be one of the most committed members of the Unit. When I ask how he does it, he admits that ‘priorities are continuously being juggled’. In his own words, he tries to find time for everything, be it work or play, and he considers his commitment towards EFRU as a break from daily routine. And for the bad time-managers out there, his suggestion is to be active and stop wasting time and he is convinced anyone could do it!

Finally; what about his future prospects?

Terence declares to live day by day and although he doesn’t see too far into the future, he is confident that EFRU is on its way to being a leading NGO of its kind and he foresees success for the Unit both locally and internationally. We could only hope he is right.

To sum it all up, if this had been an army interview, Terence would be described as a guy whose character displays high levels of ‘esprit de corps’. But for those who don’t do fancy-speak:Terence is the guy who is permanently one inch from taking it too far, but everyone just likes him all the more for it! And while I work my way through this write up, trying to do justice to the friendship he has shared with us for almost two years, I sit and gape in awe as he complains (for once!): ‘I’d rather you had given me story sums to solve!’