E.F.R.U. volunteers attending the second day of the K9 Handling course

May 1, 2011 in General

The second day of the K9 Handling course, organised by the Civil Protection Department of Malta under the supervision of Mr. John Gera, proved to be even more rewarding than thefirst.Thecourseis being attended by two CPD volunteers, five E.F.R.U. members, and one Malta Red Cross volunteer.

K9Danko,handled by Neville Camilleri CPD volunteer, performed several positive “finds”. Keith Warwick, one of the instructors giving the course, worked with K9 Danko and his handler and introduced different Search techniques that will improve the dog’s performance.

The puppies were also put through their paces on the agility apparatus, and their handlers were taught how to train the puppies using positive-reinforcement techniques.

Keith and Carol Warwick also led a discussion on the implications of being a Search and Rescue dog-handler. The instructors emphasised that, while working with dogs is great fun, it is important to remember that the job at hand can become stressful, especially when the body located during a search has suffered great trauma. However, this negative side is far outweighed by elation of finding a live person during a search.