E.F.R.U. volunteers K9 handling course organised by CPD

May 5, 2011 in General

The last day of the four day K9 Handling course, organised by the Malta Civil Protection Department under the supervision of Mr. John Gera, was packed with training activities and lectures.

Throughout the course, Keith and Carol Warwick gavetheK9Handlersvaluable information on a variety of topics, including how to identify certain communication signals used by dogs, and how to recognise when theyarestressed.

Aside from discussing the dogs’ training, Keith and Carol led discussions on team-building strategies and ways in which team members can help and support each other, both in training and in the field.

Both instructors were very impressed by the level of intelligence displayed by all four puppies and their progress over the duration of the course, especially since they are all still so young.

K9 Lady is showing remarkable progress, despite having given birth recently.

K9 Danko’s enthusiasm to work is increasing with every session, and his skill at locating hidden people impressed all observers.
Individual training plans are being developed for all dogs and will be carried out using a reward system based on positive reinforcement.

Certificates were awarded to all course attendees during a barbeque held later that day.

As a token of appreciation for their input, Mr. John Gera, in the absence of Mr. Patrick Murgo, presented the instructors with a certificate and a token.

E.F.R.U. also presented the instructors with a plaque to show their appreciation for Keith and Carol’s hard work, particularly with the four puppies belonging to E.F.R.U. volunteers.