A note from the editorial team…

September 29, 2017 in General

Dear readers, it has indeed been a while since we last updated you with what’s cooking at the EFRU. It has been a busy summer and although we lay low for a few months, much has been happening behind the scenes. As you shall see in one of the write-ups in this newsletter, much of our time at the beginning of summer had been taken up by the international EVOLSAR conference and its aftermath. Yet, we still honoured our standing commitment to the local community by providing first-aid and fire-fighting cover during several public and private events. Last but not least, we came to terms with some of our housekeeping needs where maintenance, training and meetings concerning our premises were the order of the day. In any case, we are back to newsletter business with a mission to get you back on track with what’s a-happening chez-nous through our little contributions from time to time.

And as the herald of exciting EFRU news to come, we cannot close this little note without congratulating our EFRU-mums – Miriam and Maria – who have taken ‘what’s cooking at EFRU?’ to a whole new level by bringing babies Jack and Ben into the world! We truly are blessed; so a million other blessings to you, our readers. We hope you enjoy this newsletter as much as we like making it happen 🙂 


The Editorial Team