E.F.R.U. and Soccorsi Speciali Edelweiss sign twinning agreement

June 6, 2011 in General

The Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit and the Soccorsi Speciali – Edelweiss have given a true meaning to their frequent collaboration by signing a twinning agreement. The Signing washeldonthe29th May at the Sede Operativa Edelweiss in Badolato Italy.

The twinning agreement sets provisions for the mutualassistancebetween the two volunteer units. The units can be jointly deployed either in Malta or in Italy under the leadership of the host organization. This can be necessitated in a national calamity when the country resources are stretched to the limits. The document also makes provisions for joint training with the purpose to standardize training and to create the synergy needed when working as one team. Both Volunteers units can also be deployed as a single unit beyond the Maltese and Italian frontiers as the need arises as a rapid deployment unit in major disasters.

The signing was the highlight of a five day visit by 9 E.F.R.U. volunteers who formed part of a 14 strong Maltese contingent. During this visit the Maltese contingent and another 18 Italian volunteers took part in various Swift Water rescue exercises. All these were held at the Fiume Lao in Cosenza.