Well Done Zvetlana Zerafa

August 22, 2011 in General

Zvetlana Zerafa – (EFRU Volunteer Rescuer) has been recently qualified and been given the Award of Merit, Silver Cross and Life Support3afterhavingcompleted a number of tasks, demanded from her by the Royal Lifesaving Society,withsuccess.
The mentioned tasks consisted mostly of; contact tows, non-contact tows, a timed swim, defensive techniques, rescue from land, rescue from shallow water, saving of 2 casualties, mouth to nose in water, CPR for a drowning person, CPR on an infant and on a baby.
Zvetlana was highly praised for obtaining such qualifications, on her own initiative, by all the Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit’s management whilst encouraging other members to follow in her footsteps and attend speciality courses, offered by EFRU or other specialised organisations, to improve on their rescue techniques.
Well Done Zvetlana, we are all so proud of you!!!