Serving with a Smile :)

November 26, 2017 in First Aid Events

It is an inherent aspect of EFRU’s Community Assistance Programme (CAP) to encourage positivity, good energy and volunteering for a good cause… but when it is plainly stated in the name of the event itself, we cannot but put that little extra ingredient into our duties. Such was the case at the St Monica School Open Day event dubbed ‘Smiling with Jerome’. We all know Jerome as the inspirational young man who battled cancer for three whole years and instilled hope and courage with fellow young cancer patients. Although he left this world earlier this year, his legacy continues through his family and friends who refuse to let his departure hinder the good work he had started within the community. Jerome’s friends and family gathered today to collect funds and goods in aid of those less-fortunate families in Albania through a fun-filled day in the school grounds. Smiles are contagious! We are smiling with Jerome; hopefully we can help bring a smile on many little faces beyond our shores.