Notte Bianca 2011

December 14, 2011 in General

The Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit have once again assisted the Civil Protection Department at the ‘Notte Bianca’s Lejl Imdawwal’ in Valletta last Saturday the 1st of October 2011.Being requested to deploy three teams, EFRU managementcalledoutanumber of its volunteers to assist in First Aid and Fire Backup during this mass event.

One of the mentioned teams was situated in Republic Street,furtherdown from St. Georges Square. This team was equipped with the unit’s ambulance to provide First Aid to those that required assistance in its vicinity. A second team was posted near ‘Auberge de Castille’ with the intention of offering immediate assistance to the heavy crowds that were expected to flood the Ambassadors’ and Cabinet rooms, the Office of the Prime Minister and the new and previously secluded sections of the Auberge’s basement cellar. A third team, the unit’s fire team, was posted at IndependenceSquare next to the oldest of the seven Auberges – ‘Auberge D’ Aragon’. This team was equipped with a Bedford Fire Engine, loaned to EFRU by the CPD, and was on standby to assist in any fire related accident that may have happened. The Fire Team was also equipped with a First Aid Kit and a number of stretchers just in case any of those attending the event, at Independence Square, needed their help.

Thankfully enough, the Fire Team was the quietest of the three as no fires were recorded during the event; whilst the other two teams only reported minor First Aid assistance, mostly requested by those who were finalising the preparations earlier in the night.