Novex 2011

December 14, 2011 in General

The Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (EFRU) formed part of a joint search and rescue body during a full scale rescue operation organized by the Civil Protection Department (CPD) on Saturday 29th October 2011. The simulation, which was divided into two, was held in an operational quarry at Ta’ Kandja l/o Siggiewi during the whole morningandattheCivil Protection Department K9 Unit Disaster area later in the afternoon.

Over 150 volunteer rescuers took part in a well organized, real life scenario, rescue operation lead by CPD Operations Manager Mr. John Gera in the presence of CPD Director Mr. Patrick Murgo. During this very hectic day, EFRU volunteers were involved in different roles namely; K9 Searches, Search & Rescue operations and the overall safety observation of the exercise. Having two Rescue Response Vehicles on site, and two teams of 12 volunteer rescuers, which included six from the Italian rescue team Edelweiss Soccorsi Speciali, in the ‘hot zone’; our team rescued and retrieving all casualties in the least time possible and with the efficiency expected by the CPD personnel.

The rescue operation came to an end late in the evening with a positive applause by the organizers and presentation of certificates to all the participants.

Invaluable experience was gathered during this exercise, which saw the unit working together, once again, with our Italian counterparts. Such training furthers EFRU’s capabilities and skills to perform in a multilingual rescue scenario both in Malta or abroad.

EFRU Director Ivan Barbara’s look of satisfaction said it all but in a short briefing after the eventful day; he expressed his gratitude to all the team and thanked each and every volunteer for their hard work, perseverance and flexibility in conquering all challenges whether technical or logistical. ‘The training and time invested in our organization during the year reaps its fruit in such large operations. Am more than satisfied with the unit’s performance and teamwork shown on the field today’ exclaimed Mr. Barbara to those that still found some strength to return to the EFRU Headquarters in Marsa to lend a helping hand with the dismantling of the gear used during the day.