Training Room Overhaul

October 21, 2018 in Informational

This year, the Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (EFRU) invested heavily in its fundamentals i.e. the tools used for the provision of lectures and courses to its strongest asset, its rescue volunteers as well as third parties.  The Unit has invested heavily in terms of time as well as financially in the development of its skilled human resource.  In return to this investment, the EFRU’s training team services its dedicated team of rescue personnel, the public and several youth groups and schools with informative and value adding sessions and courses relating to first aid skills, fire prevention awareness, safety in work at heights, urban search and rescue, rope rescue, and other advanced rescue techniques.

The EFRU took the decision to invest in its lecture room equipment to maximize the experience of trainees primarily through adequate and appropriate equipment.  The sourced equipment was intended to enhance the visual, acoustic and ergonomic experience during training sessions and this was successfuly achieved.  The EFRU, being a non-profit organisation, faces daily challenges to make ends meet in terms of financial expenses related to equipment maintenance, repairs and day-to-day running.  This is where Agenzija Żgħażagħ has supported the EFRU through its funding scheme Assistance4U which contributed a sum of €1,500 towards this project.  TITAN International supported the initiative with the sponsorship of two Air conditioning units for the same training room.

The EFRU appreciates the support of both entities in facilitating the successful outcome of the project within a shorter timeframe than it would have otherwise taken the Unit to complete the project.  It is through the intervention of such supporting entities that the EFRU can capitalise the experiential benefit of its activities for its volunteer youths and adults as well as third party youths and young adults.  The Unit is eager to undertake similar projects in the near future to continue building its resources to enhance its services to its volunteer core and the community.