2019 Sicily cycling tour

March 21, 2019 in Informational

EFRU Sicily Cycling Tour – Largest participation to date.

The Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit (EFRU) has organised its yearly Fund Raiser Cycling Tour over the past weekend in Sicily, attracting the largest number of cyclists to date.

As usual, the 2019 tour was spread over a period of two days, from Friday 5th to Saturday 6th April, and saw 26 participants challenge their limits whilst cycling through kilometres of undulating terrain from Catania to the city of Regalbuto in the province of Enna and back to Catania the next day.

As a backup team, the EFRU deployed two rescue vehicles which kept close to the cyclists during the tour and a third vehicle that was used to travel ahead of the team marking the planned route and making sure that the chosen roads were safe.

The first day of the tour was particularly challenging for both the cyclists and the EFRU back-up team alike since the route around Mount Etna, on the east coast of Sicily, was hit by dense fog and heavy rain which made it almost impossible for participants to cycle safely without assistance. During the thick of the storm, all the cyclists were grouped by the back-up team and slowly diverted to a safer route, cycling between the rescue vehicles for protection from oncoming traffic thus ensuring their safety.

Day two was favoured with beautiful weather, sunshine and dry roads such that the participants were able to enjoy the beauty of the Sicilian countryside whilst cycling their way from the chosen agriturismo in Regalbuto to Catania. Challenges never stopped during this tour as at exactly the 100km mark, one of the cyclists had an accident. He was treated on the spot by the EFRU advanced First Aid team before being transported in the unit’s ambulance to a close ‘Pronto Soccorso’ where he was kept for almost 24 hours of tests and observations. This meant that three of the EFRU volunteers who formed part of the back-up team backed out of the tour to join the injured cyclist to hospital whilst the rest resumed the journey with the remaining cyclists, ensuring their wellbeing and safety till the end of the route. The injured cyclist was thankfully dismissed from hospital and declared fit to travel on Sunday and was seen to by the same EFRU volunteers who had accompanied him all along this journey till he reached Malta.

Obviously, this tour would not have been possible without the assistance of those who believe in our cause. A huge thank you goes to BNF Bank plc, Freedor Ltd, Go & Fun Malta, Virtu Ferries, Fahrenheit, Simon Debattista from SDB Photography and last but not least, to the EFRU organising committee and back up team that, thanks to their time, dedication and support, have got a number of cyclists addicted to this yearly event.

EFRU Sicily Cycling Tour 2019 – Teaser Videos. Stay tuned for the full version soon. 😁 #EFRUSicilyCyclingTour #EFRU #Volunteers #JoinTheEFRU #cycling #Sicily #Malta'

Posted by Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit on Sunday, May 5, 2019