Facilitating Emergency Communications

November 15, 2019 in Informational

The EFRU is proud to present the result of the hard work and dedication of its members in a project to build a communications console. This project has been funded by the Small Initiatives Support Scheme (SIS) managed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector (MCVS).
The communications console facilitates the management and coordination of a multi-site emergency by providing a standalone unit with workspace for 4 personnel, 2 white boards, 2 monitor screens, a base radio and electrical power outlets (including USB charging points). This unit is easily transferable to a vehicle, tent or other building serving the purpose of an emergency control centre. Furthermore, the console is powered by a silent generator and its radio may be connected to a winch-up mast that will help extend the normal range of VHF radios.
In addition to providing the EFRU with this useful tool, the project has also served to generate interest among EFRU members in the processes of planning, design and procurement of equipment and material, and also gave them the opportunity to participate hands-on in the building of the console from scratch. The whole unit was brought together thanks to the skills of the volunteers alone.
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Joe Bonnici
EFRU Funding Manager