COVID-19 Preparedness at EFRU

April 8, 2020 in Informational

The Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit (#EFRU) is actively monitoring the #COVID19 pandemic situation and is currently working with the authorities, as needed. The Volunteer Unit has made its recently acquired ‘rapid deployment tents’ available to the Civil Protection Department (#CPD), together with a number of camp beds, to be used at the Marine Section in Paola as part of the broad #HAZMAT setup which has been put in place in the COVID-19 pandemic.
The respective tents and beds have been acquired recently, through funds of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation (#MCCFF), as part of EFRU’s two-year project ‘Volunteer Rescuer Team Preparedness in Emergency Response’.
A section of EFRU volunteers have also been trained in Decontamination and facilities familiarisation at the HAZMAT unit of the CPD, in preparedness to assist the Department should the needs arise.  In parallel, the Unit retains its operational status, through regular checks and maintenance of its equipment and vehicles. This is being carried out thanks to its volunteers, who are being scheduled to carry out needed tasks whilst respecting current social distancing requirements. All this, in an effort, for the Unit to retain its operational continuity, through safeguarding its human resource, in preparedness for moments of most need in these difficult times.
The EFRU encourages the public to stay safe and abides by the guidelines of the Authorities, for the benefit of the Community.
Keith Borg
Deputy Director